How is all of this done

Creating jewelry requires precision and meticulousness. It is a complex and multi-stage process:

Design and Concept. It all begins with an idea. A concept for the jewelry is developed, taking into account the shape, color, and materials. We actively follow fashion trends and incorporate them. We also adhere to the client’s personal preferences for custom orders.

Material Selection. Most often, we work with 925 silver and 585 gold purity. However, we can work with almost any alloy on an individual basis. We carefully select gemstones for each piece.

Modeling. At this stage, we create a model of the jewelry piece. We either craft it manually or use computer-aided modeling.

Handcrafting and Detailing. After creating the model, our jewelers start crafting the jewelry piece. Details are added, surfaces are processed, and patterns are created, among other things.

Polishing. Following the production, all components are assembled, and the jewelry piece undergoes polishing, adding a shine to the finished product.

Quality Control. Before being sent to the client or arriving at the showroom, each piece of jewelry undergoes mandatory quality control. All aspects, from appearance to durability, are checked to ensure high quality.

The production of jewelry takes place in Kyiv and Kharkiv, with highly experienced artisans. For special projects, we even involve foreign specialists.