A.: — What jewelry do Spaniards choose in their daily looks and what kind of jewelry do generations Y and Z prefer?

L.: — Massive ones. They are distinguished by their pomp, catchy colors, and erase the difference between the same generations, but it can manifest itself differently: chains with pendants, simple shapes in the style of «Geometrics» plus any jewelry of a well-known brand will become the favorites of the Y girl. For Generation Z, it’s different: they choose minimalism in jewelry or opt for a single set, something like a pearl choker necklace, an engraved handmade jewelry piece, and some very detailed cufflinks to go with it…

A.: — Describe Spanish streetstyle in one word 🙂

L.: — Eclecticism! It’s very difficult not to pay attention to this hyper-saturation of images with bright colors that add a touch of liveliness and passion, yes, they are not shy about it!

A.: — Are there any peculiarities of their mentality in the choice of jewelry?

L.: — Definitely, the Spaniards are much more open in expressing their emotions! In the form of sparkling bracelets, «look at me» rings, it is also difficult not to notice the place in the culture of devotion to their small specific traditions, and each piece of jewelry hides a story of its own.