Necklace “Zodiac”

Everyone should have a true talisman and good luck catcher! We came up with the perfect combination — a stylish laconic design with your stone. An ornament that not only decorates, but also opens up new possibilities for its owner. We have carefully selected gems to bring out the best in each star sign. And may your dreams come true and may the force be with you:

Aries – smoky quartz (success, joy, happiness);

Taurus – citrine (luck, energy, wealth);

Gemini – rock crystal (love, harmony, skill);

Cancer – amethyst (balance, harmony, skill);

Leo – black onyx (strength, success, love);

Virgo – pearl (femininity, magnetism, greatness);

Libra – peridot (harmony, victory, travels);

Scorpio – blue topaz (travel, intuition, fulfillment of desires);

Sagittarius – rhodolite (luck, zest for life, strength);

Capricorn – tsavorite (love, intuition, positivity);

Aquarius – garnet (balance, energy, success);

Pisces – aquamarine (right path, success, courage).


925 sterling silver. Hand made. Specify your sign and chain length when ordering.

Прикраси можна забрати особисто в шоу-румі (Київ) або ми відправимо їх Новою Поштою (вартість доставки: 50 грн в відділення). При покупці 2-х і більше прикрас доставка безкоштовна

Оплата: картою онлайн (Visa / Mastercard), переклад на карту, післяплатою, готівкою або карткою при отриманні.

2990 грн.